What To Expect When Having Your Roof Replaced

Now that you have decided on the new roof of your choice, it’s time to prepare for your installation day! Here is what you can expect from the Astro Roofing team when having your new roofing system installed:

Keeping Your Property Clean

As top quality residential roofers, we do our best to keep our jobsite clean and maintained during the replacement of your roof. We lay tarps on the ground near your building to catch any debris that may fall or be blown off your roof. We clean your yard of any of our debris as well as drag a magnet to collect any missed nails upon completion of your job. We also clean our debris from your gutters!

Astro truck in front of Port Orange home getting new roof

Your Safety is Our Priority

There are thousands of nails being used (and discarded) when installing shingles. If you MUST walk around the job site, make sure you wear the proper footwear to protect you. The Astro Roofing team will have an owner supervising your job site if you have any questions.

Roof Penetrations

All drip edge, skylights, valleys, wall flashings, plumbing pipes, exhaust vents, chimneys and any other roof penetrations will be sealed and counter-sealed with roofing cement.

Inspection Process

Once your old roof is torn off and dried-in, we will need to wait for an inspection from your particular city’s building department. In most cases, we will be there the very next day waiting for the inspection. However, in some areas, we may have a to wait a day for the inspector. Once the city building inspector’s job is done, we will then install your new roof.

After Your New Roof is Complete

After your job is complete and it is time for payment, you will receive a warranty from Astro Roofing, a warranty for your shingle materials from the manufacturer, and a paid receipt. Keep them all in a safe place.

We hope we will have the opportunity to help you with the installation of a new roof. Please give Astro Roofing a call today and ask for more information. Astro Roofing is a SELECT ShingleMasterâ„¢ with the product and installation knowledge to install your new roof right the first time. There are very few licensed roofing contractors that have been in business as long as we have and we will give you the best possible roof at the most affordable price. Contact us today.