What Everyone Needs to Know about Insurance and Your Roof

Many homeowners find homeowners insurance policies confusing, especially when it comes to their roofing system. Anytime a storm comes through our Atlantic counties and you suspect damage to shingles, flat roofing or metal roofs, you should call a licensed roofing company like Astro right away. If there is obvious storm damage, contact your insurance company to start the claims process. Even a small issue, like a few missing shingles can cause problems including leaks. However, there is a Florida 25% Rule that can affect your roof damage insurance claim, so it’s good to understand how it can be applied. To help better explain how the Florida 25% Rule can affect roof damage claims, let’s look at some different scenarios for roof damage below.

Your Roof Damage is Greater Than 25%

If more than 25% of your home’s roof is damaged by covered events, (check your policy) then the rule entitles you to a complete replacement of the roofing system, with a few exceptions. By the way, the insurance company divides your roof into sections. The rule refers to a roofing system as the two slanted sections covering the home, which during a tropical storm or hurricane, more than 25% of the shingles are blown off and exposed the underlayment. Perhaps a large tree also fell on your roof, adding to the percentage of damage. In this case, the rule would allow you to have the entire roof replaced so it can be brought up to current Florida building codes.

More Than 25% Damages to a Roofing “Section”

If your home has multiple roofing sections (more than 2) and only one or those sections has damage greater than 25%, then only the roof in that section is replaced and brought up to current Florida building codes.

Roof Damages Less Than 25%

If only a small part of your roof is damaged (less than 25%), then the insurance company only pays to fix and repair the damaged portion. The rest of the roof on your home would not be replaced.

So What About Two Storms in One Year and Two Claims?

What happens if you have two claims for roof damages within a 12-month period? Hail and hurricane? Perhaps a tornado? It depends on the percentage of damage in each claim. If the two claims added together exceed 25% you should be entitled to a completely new roof for the entire home. Your insurance company may try to avoid doing this by just repairing the damaged areas separately, but that is incorrect. The insurance company wants to settle claims for the least amount possible and may try to section it to avoid you getting a new roof. Just be aware of some of these tactics: you can dispute a claim. You have that right as a consumer.

Document Any Damage

Take plenty of photos outside and inside your home. If you have a tall and sturdy ladder carefully climb it to take photos. However, if you can’t assess all the damage the way you need to for a claim, call AstroRroofing company for an inspection. This may help with your supporting evidence for the insurance company.

Maintain Your Roof

You likely know that your roof does require regular maintenance. If you don’t do this, it can put your roof at a higher risk for damage. This also may give your insurance company fuel to deny your claim. You will then be responsible for any repairs to your roof that occurred due to storm damage. Astro Roofing can advise you on anything you may need to keep your roof in shape.