Should I Choose ENERGY STAR® Roofing in Florida?

Cool Roof

The term “cool roof” means more than just beautiful shingles in East Florida’s greater Daytona Beach, Titusville and Sanford areas. With solar reflective shingles installed by Astro Roofing, the heat is reflected away and your home temperature stays cool, reducing your roof’s temperature by as much as 20% during the hottest months of the year.

Solar Reflective Shingles

Solar reflective shingles are defined as having surfaces that primarily reflect considerably more Infrared radiation than normal roof surfaces. Solar reflective shingles are designed specifically to reduce the absorption of the suns infrared radiation by reflecting IR rays off the surface of the roof. This way it will not allow the heat to be transferred to the interior of the structure (i.e. the attic under the roof). By reducing the amount of this heat transfer, solar reflective shingles have the ability to keep your home or building’s interiors cooler, which means less strain on HVAC equipment. It’s a win-win!

Advanced Roofing Materials

The secret is in CertainTeed’s advanced roofing granules that reflect solar energy and radiant heat far better than traditional roofing shingles, reducing your roof’s temperature in the hot months…and in Florida this can be almost year-round. CertainTeed Corporation has several solar reflective shingles to choose from in various style and color options to suit a range of different home styles and elevations, for example this ENERGY STAR®-rated Silver Birch roof installed in Port Orange by the Astro Roofing team.

Drone photo of Energy Star Roofing installed by Astro

Heat from the sun is one of the most potent factors impacting the durability of your roof. Using solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roofing products that reflect ultraviolet and primarily infrared radiation will reduce damage caused by u/v and heat degradation.

Saving Money

CertainTeed Cool Roof shingles may qualify for tax credits and points in “green” programs. And some utility companies offer a rebate for CertainTeed Cool Roof Shingles that can put as much as $600 back into a homeowner’s pocket for an average 3,000 sq. ft. roof. The manufacturer’s Certification Statement is a signed document furnished by the Manufacturer attesting that a product qualifies for the tax credit. The homeowner should retain a copy of this document for his or her tax records when provided by Astro Roofing upon completion of your roof.

Additional benefits of choosing LANDMARK® Series Shingles:

  • Attractive Colors: With the vibrant color choices adding a new dimension and density, these asphalt shingles lets your home’s beauty shine through.
  • Algae Resistance: All CertainTeed asphalt shingles are warranted to be protected from unsightly algae for up to 15 years, through their StreakFighter® protection.
  • Durable: Landmark® series asphalt shingles are all tested to withstand up to 115 mph and upgradeable to up to 130 mph wind resistance.
  • Warranty: These shingles are protected by CertainTeed’s Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Free Estimate for Re-Roofing

If your roof is showing it’s age and cool roofing interests you, give Astro Roofing a call today and ask for more information. Astro Roofing is a SELECT ShingleMaster™ with the product and installation knowledge to install your new roof right the first time. We will come out and give you a free quote on a new, high-quality roof that will reduce your insurance costs, cooling costs and provide many years of protection and beauty for your home. Contact us today.