Roof Repair? Watch for Weak Areas on Your Older Roof

Potential problems in your roof can be hard to spot from the ground, so you may wish to look at your roof the next time you are up on a ladder. Even better, a professional roofing company can inspect your roof for any problem spots, before they become big and costly repairs.

Eaves which are the bottom edges of a roof are prone to leaking if water runs up under the first shingle or behind the fascia. Invisible leaks happen in this area and damage your roof decking which will weaken the integrity of your roof. Over time, leaks can damage the wood of your eaves. If you see any sagging in the roof, or rotting wood it is time to give a professional roofing contractor a call.

Ridge Vents
House vents are another area to keep an eye on. One-piece metal vents will leak over time and need to be replaced. If you can, get inside your attic and examine your roof from the inside to check for signs of leaking under the ridge vent. Stained wood means your ridge vent should be replaced.

Depending on how your roof shingles were installed, valleys can be trouble spots in your roof. It’s one of the first places to look for a leak because water is coming from two roof faces. This makes valleys another high-risk part of your roof for water to do its dirty work. If you see bulges and cracks in the shingles, its time to go into your attic and double check the valley areas for signs of water leaking. Time to call for a roof repair!

Flashing refers to the seal of the roofing materials around chimneys, vents, and other connections on your roof. Flashing is also used in valleys and in places where the roof meets a wall. Flashing can either rust or come loose. Any cracks or openings around the flashing can let water in which can compromise your roof. Check your chimneys and skylights. If any flashing is twisted or loose, that can indicate a leak inside your house.

Cracking rubber around pipe vents
Traditional boots around pipe vents have a thin rubber collar to seal the plumbing vent pipe on most homes. These have a limited lifespan and caulking won’t really solve the problem. You will probably have to replace these damaged vents and boots. Inspectors see them failing half the time after 10-12 years, especially on south side of a roof which can let water or even insects into your home.

A roof is only as strong as its weakest part which is the sheathing holding it up. If you have serious doubts after looking at the issues mentioned above then its time to call Astro Roofing. We are one of the top roofers in Volusia County, FL. As a certified SELECT ShingleMaster, we know how to check for weak spots. We will find any soft spots, weak spots and signs of weather damage from hail or other Florida storms. If necessary, we can provide an affordable roof estimate for your consideration. Contact us today!