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As a business owner, you trust your roof to keep both your customers, employees and your assets safe. Astro Roofing Inc. provides commercial roofing services near you throughout Volusia, Brevard and Flagler counties. From repairs to a new reroofing system installation, the Astro Roofing team can handle any size job, including your commercial flat roof. We are one of the most trusted commercial roofing companies in the Port Orange and Daytona Beach area. We provide shingled roofs, flat roofing and metal roofing including the latest metal roofing that looks like shingles.

Ormond Beach New Commercial Roof by Astro Roofing

Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal will last 3-4 times longer and 30-50 years is not uncommon which makes it the perfect investment for business owners. Many different finishes and colors are available to provide style to your building to suit your business. Your commercial roofer, Astro Roofing, will make sure your building will stand a better chance during hurricane season including high winds, rain and even fire with a metal roof system installed. We deliver customer satisfaction and a top warranty so that your commercial roof withstands the test of time. Read more about metal roofing here.

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Solar Reflective Shingles

Solar reflective shingles are defined as having surfaces that primarily reflect considerably more Infrared radiation than normal roof surfaces. Solar reflective shingles are designed specifically to reduce the absorption of the suns infrared radiation by reflecting IR rays off the surface of the roof. This way it will not allow the heat to be transferred to the interior of the structure (i.e. the roof deck). By reducing the amount of this heat transfer, solar reflective shingles have the ability to keep your building’s interior cooler, which means less strain on HVAC equipment. This is a bonus for your business! Read more about it here.

Commercial Flat Roof Ormond Beach by Astro Roofing

Along with commercial roofing systems and repairs, Astro Roofing Inc. also provides maintenance services. It is a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly so that we can detect any problem areas that may cause future problems. Leaks and weak areas should be addressed and we can even advise you on the life expectancy of your roof. For more information, contact your local roofing contractor, Astro Roofing Inc. today.

Commercial Roofing Project in Ormond Beach

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