Can You Lower Your Florida Insurance with a New Roof?

A new roof can make your east coast Florida home look newer and more beautiful. However, having an old roof that is showing it’s age can do the opposite: bring down the entire look of your home and property…and nobody wants that!

We all know that Florida insurance premiums can be hard to take. Unfortunately, if your roof is older and worn, this is going to have an impact on your insurance rates. It is definitely in your best interest, therefore, to replace your roof once its age begins to affect your insurance premiums; pushing it out of your budget limit.

This is where Astro Roofing can help you. Our experience as a local roofing contractor in Volusia county and surrounding areas, can help you when it’s time for a new roof. This may lower your insurance costs and save you money in the long run.

An Old Roof Costs You Money

Again, your homeowner’s insurance will only go up as your roof ages: it is determined by a number of factors. How likely are you to file an insurance claim with an older roof? Your insurance company knows that likelihood is determined by the quality and age of your home’s roof (and other factors). Your roof accounts for a large portion of your home and any wear it experiences can result in possible structural damage, therefore affecting your homeowner’s insurance costs. That’s why Astro Roofing recommends you go ahead with a roof replacement BEFORE your insurance is affected. Do you have asphalt shingles? Is your home over 20 years old? Time to take a look at the condition of that roof!

A New Roof Saves You Money

Here’s the good news: replacing your roof now can lower your monthly insurance premiums. Don’t let the cost put you off. Astro Roofing has financing options. Also, we may be able to help you with any roof replacement that may be eligible for coverage BY your insurance company.

Any way you look at it, replacing your old roof can save you money in the long run! Today’s roofing products have greatly improved since your house was built.

Free Roofing Estimate

If your roof is showing it’s age, give Astro Roofing a call today and ask about our roof replacement service. Astro Roofing is a SELECT ShingleMasterâ„¢ with the product and installation knowledge to get your roofing job done right. We will come out and give you a free quote on a new, high-quality roof that will reduce your insurance costs and continue to give you many years of protection and beauty for your home. Contact us today.