Know the Benefits of Asphalt Shingles for Your New Roof

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials. They are very affordable, with a lower cost than metal or tiles. Therefore asphalt shingles can be a top consideration when it comes to providing a new roof for your home. But a low installation cost isn’t the only benefit of asphalt shingles. Other benefits await your home when you decide to use CertainTeed Landmark® shingles:

  • It is generally agreed that CertainTeed’s shingle quality is at or near the top of all fiberglass (fiberglass-reinforced mat that serves as a base for asphalt composition shingle) shingle brands.
  • CertainTeed is a heavyweight brand – literally. Its shingles contain more asphalt than most. CertainTeed shingles, even the 3-tab strip shingles, weigh 200-plus pounds per square. Most weigh 250-480 lbs per square. More weight means better durability (and impact resistance which is important in Florida). Other brands’ shingles weigh 160-280 lbs per roofing square.
  • CertainTeed sells 11 shingle lines with premium impact warranties. That’s more than other brands.
  • Fire Resistant – a great way to help minimize fire damage is to get an asphalt roof. An asphalt roof shingle is fire resistant, therefore it can help keep your home from burning should a fire breakout in or around it (such as from lightning).
  • Lower Cooling Costs – In the summertime, you could could experience a significant spike in your cooling costs, especially in Florida. However asphalt shingles contain granules that help to deflect UV rays. Less strain on your A/C unit is always a plus!
  • Excellent warranty: CertainTeed has upgraded its warranty. 15 of 19 lines are backed with a lifetime warranty against defects.
  • 10 year StreakFighter® algae-resistance warranty.
  • 20-year Lifespan – even a cheap roof is still quite expensive. Now you can rest assured your roof won’t have to be replaced again for a long time.
  • Transferable warranty – If you sell your home, the CertainTeed shingle warranty will remain in effect. This is now common with shingle warranties.

If asphalt shingles sound like the perfect roofing option for your home, then get them installed by an experienced and reliable roofing contractor like Astro Roofing, Inc. a SELECT ShingleMaster™. Email for your quote now.

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