Get Your Roof Storm Ready with these 7 Tips

We are now officially in Hurricane Season and it’s time to take steps to protect your home and your roof in case of a Florida storm. Your roof is the part of your home that can sustain the most damage. A damaged roof that leaks or has structural damage can obviously lead to more serious problems that cost you more money to repair. Much of the damage buildings sustain can be prevented with maintenance and repairs to your roof, flashing, and drainage systems. Here are some easy things to do to get ready for hurricane season:

1. Clear all gutters, downspouts, and drains of debris that can cause a blockage.
2. Trim trees and bushes away from your home by at least 3 feet to prevent damage to the roof system as well as to reduce leaves in the roof drainage system (gutters).
3. Shingles are a great roofing choice and very popular. However, they may be less likely to withstand the harsh Florida weather including heavy rain and UV sunlight. It’s important to check your shingles for any loss of materials or curling. This will make them more susceptible to blowing off. Architectural and dimensional shingles are heavier and typically rated for higher winds experienced in severe storms.
4. Many of today’s skylights are made of storm resistant materials. However, you may need to cover older skylights with wood or a metal to protect them from any flying debris.
5. Make sure you have a garage door that won’t blow open and is properly braced. Any opening will affect the pressure in your house during a storm and potentially harm or blow off your roof.
6. Seal any gaps: check areas where your roof joins up with the walls of your home. If you end up finding any cracks, seal them using a water-resistant sealer.
7. Review your roof warranty and insurance policy. If you don’t understand the coverage provided, call to get clarification on your policy before a hurricane or storm hits.

What is a durable roof choice for Florida storms?

Metal is a great choice for storm proof roofing. It looks beautiful on any home and is also very durable because it can withstand wind speeds between 110 and 160 mph. Investing in a metal roof for your coastal Florida home can be a wise decision. It will protect the top of your home from wind-driven rain. Let our team at Astro Roofing Inc. help you determine which type of hurricane proof metal roofing system would be best for you.

If you have a roof with shingles and you want to keep that roofing material on your home, make sure you have any shingles that are worn down replaced by newer, hurricane-rated roof shingles. Astro Roofing can help you choose the most affordable roofing for your home.

What to look for after a storm

• Check for roof leaks inside of the home and protect items that can be damaged by water.
• Keep track of damages with photos and video to help with any insurance claim.
• Call your insurance provider first to make a claim so they can start to process it.
• Call your roofing contractor to make repairs using the roof system manufacturer approved materials (to protect the roof warranty).