Five Tips for Hiring the Best Volusia County Roofing Company

If your home needs a new roof, you are probably aware that you will be making a large investment. It’s vital that you can trust the roofing contractor who does the job to do the best possible work that is guaranteed. In Florida, this is even more important because of the severe weather and hot UV rays that we experience, and other violent storms including hurricanes. You can’t settle for a job that isn’t done right…the first time! With a bit of knowledge, it isn’t too hard to separate the good roofers in Volusia County from the bad ones. Here are a few tips explaining what to look for when researching and getting quotes from roofing contractors:

1. Experience – look for roofing contractors that have lots of experience. An established local roofing company is able to know what materials are going to work best on your roof, they can make better recommendations, look for pitfalls in advance, and they can do the job better, faster, and with a guarantee. Ask how long your Volusia County roofing contractor has been in business. Astro Roofing has been in business since 1986 and has experience with roofing repairs through several major hurricanes.

2. Local understanding of Florida coastal weather – Florida is hot, humid and can have some pretty intense storms. Your roof needs to be strong enough and ready for Atlantic coast challenging weather events. Ask the following questions of your roofing contractor:

  • How long have you been roofing in Florida?
  • How many other homes in Volusia county have they done?
  • How many of their supervisors are local to Florida?
  • Can they provide local references and reviews?

If the roofing company has done quality work before, they can provide references and they shouldn’t have a problem showing them to anyone who asks. Call the reference and find out how happy they are with the roofing contractor.  You can also look up their online reviews. It’s good to note the following:

  • how quickly and efficiently your contractor finishes a roof
  • how the customer felt about interactions with the company representatives; responsiveness, etc.
  • how the customer felt about the quality of the roof replacement; experience and knowledge
  • any comments on cleanliness or safety on the job site
  • how the customer perceived the value of the new roof

4. Proper licensing & insurance – You would think that in 2020 every roofing company would have proper licensing and insurance, as required by law. The truth is that many are still operating illegally which is a big problem for you, the consumer. Don’t just ask about their licensing and insurance, get proof of it and keep it on file. Whatever they suggest, NEVER GET YOUR OWN PERMIT. The only reason why any so-called roofing contractor would want you to obtain your own roofing permit is because they are not licensed, and therefore, not allowed to obtain a permit! All permit costs, fees, and paperwork are the same for homeowners and roofing contractors.

5. Good communication skills – This is definitely the key to having a stress free, quality roofing job completed:

  • How quickly does your contractor call you back?
  • Do they schedule an appointment promptly and show up?
  • Do their e-mails make sense with the details you are looking for?
  • Do they answer all your questions in a way you can understand?

All these qualities will be important to your working relationship once the roofing project is underway. Now that you have reviewed the points above, it’s time to contact Astro for a quote on your roofing project!