Frequently Asked Questions

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Roof Replacement and Repair Questions

As one of the top roofing contractors in Volusia County, we’re always hearing questions about roofing from our customers. Our goal at Astro Roofing is to educate local homeowners on everything they need know about roof replacement and repair. If you don’t see your question, you can check out ourroof blog. Always, feel free to call us at 386-760-8933 or send us an email.  

What are the signs that a roof needs replacing?

After a visual inspection do you see any of the following outside: on the roof:

  • Damage from tree branches or debris hitting the roof: possible storm damage
  • Dimpling and cracks
  • Uplifted, torn or raised shingles
  • Missing, curling or loose shingles, especially along the roof edge
  • Displaced flashing

Or inside the attic:

  • Damp insulation, blackened or darkened wood on sheathing or rafters
  • Wet areas
  • Damaged rooftop ventilators
  • Dripping water around chimneys or stacks

Or inside the house:

  • Discolored patches on the ceiling
  • Visible water leaks

Give us a call for a detailed inspection.

What is the cheapest type of roofing to use?

Shingle roofs are affordable, long lasting and reliable. They are the most popular roofing material in America, and with regular inspection and maintenance can offer a decade or more of good protection to your house…and comes with a guarantee. Your Florida home’s shingle roof may never need substantial roof repair, but when you need it Astro Roofing is here to help!

How long will it take to install my new roof?

Every roof is different and at Astro Roofing our goal is to start and complete your roof as quickly as possible (in about 2 days). Some factors that we cannot control which may affect these dates are the weather, availability of roofing materials and the permitting process by your city (which is required).

Do I need to be home while the roofing work is in progress?

Typically no, we only need access to the property, we have generators for electricity and only need to be able to communicate with you during the process. Some times ceilings have exposed beams and we need to go into the property to put tarps to collect the dust that will fall down and make sure that no nails go through the ceiling.

How do you handle trash on the job site?

We use a large bin for trash and do a complete magnetic sweep of your property upon completion. It is our goal that you be completely satisfied with our roofing work when we finish up and leave your property.

I received several estimates to replace my roof and the prices vary greatly

If one estimate seems much lower than the others and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some contractors don’t include the cost of the permit and related fees, renailing of the wood deck required by code, wood replacement, or use inferior materials. They may be low balling to make sure to get your job and make up the difference with extras.

Do you replace all the wood on my roof?

Only the wood that is damaged is replaced. If there is major structural damage, Astro roofing will refer you to a contractor that handles structural repairs. We want to ensure your new roof is installed right.

Should I get my own roofing permit?

No matter who you hire to install your new roof — never obtain your own permit! The only reason why any so-called roofing contractor would want you to obtain your own roofing permit is because they are not licensed, and therefore, not allowed to obtain a permit! All permit costs, fees, and paperwork are the same for homeowners and roofing contractors. When you are working with a licensed and insured contractor, you can rest assured your municipality has already ensured their credentials are up to date…otherwise they don’t get approved!

Do I need to replace my gutters when doing a re-roof?

We usually can work around the existing gutters and may need to remove and reset them.  Only gutters in bad shape should be replaced.

What warranty does Astro Roofing offer?

There are different options and types of warranties depending on the type of roof being installed and the manufacturer. Astro consistently offers the best warranties in the trade due to our manufacturer certifications so please contact us to explain to you the various options for your specific type of roof.

Does Astro Roofing offer financing?

Yes, we offer affordable financing options through a variety of providers. You will be able to look at these options and make a choice when we send you your roofing contract.