Extend the Life of Your Roof

When facing the expense of a roof replacement, the best option for a homeowner is to try to make the roof last as long as possible. This includes maintenance and repairs if necessary to extend the life of your roof. Here are some tips to help you keep your roof in top shape for many years:

Regular Roof Inspection

Many homeowners may not think this is necessary but with Florida weather we experience wind, hail, rain and a variety of temperatures. So keeping up with the condition of your roof will help prevent expensive repairs due to rot, mold, wind damage or other problems. Look regularly for any curling or missing shingles, loose flashing, or issue with vents. You can usually visualize this from the ground, depending on your roof angles. We do not recommend you go up onto the roof, instead have a licensed roofing contractor walk the roof to find any trouble spots with roof membrane, soft areas or wetness. Depending on your roofing warranty, a professional may be able to remove mold which can affect your roof over its lifetime.

Make Roof Repairs

Do not delay if your current shingle roof needs repair. If damage spreads, it will be more costly to repair: your roof decking may even get damaged if it is a moisture problem. A reliable, local roofing contractor can assess and repair your roof, however, it might be to your advantage to replace the roof by making an insurance claim (Astro Roofing can advise and assist you with the process).

Use and Maintain Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are a lifesaver to keep water away from your house and roof. The trick is to keep them clean so that water does not overflow. This can damage your roof because if water remains on the roof, you may be dealing with water penetration in your home, mold and mildew or lifted shingles. Water is not your home’s friend so keep those gutters free of debris for proper drainage.

If you have any problems with your roof, contact us for roof repair services you can trust. We will give you an honest opinion about your roof and a free quote. The Astro Roofing team can tell you whether your home is a candidate for replacement roofing or a roofing repair service, and can recommend a solution that fits your budget. We will help you choose the best residential roofing material to protect your home for many years to come. Call today!