Do You Have Stains or Streaks on Your Roof?

If you have noticed dark stains or black streaks on your asphalt shingles, you may be concerned. Is it dirt or something worse happening on your older roof? Let’s get to the bottom of this discoloration that is common for those of us that live on the east coast of Florida. And it’s not just dead leaves or debris.

First of all: don’t panic. This can happen almost anywhere, to any older asphalt shingle roof…not just yours. It could be dirt, mildew, mold or fungus. Most likely, however, it is caused by a blue-green algae that is airborne (Gloeocapsa Magma) and spreads due to humid weather conditions. We all know that Florida is humid, so this algae can multiply and even spread to your shed or another roof on your property. It also loves the limestone in asphalt roofing tiles and leaves black marks when it dies. If your house is in the shade of a large tree and the roof stays damp, this can happen even faster since the sun cannot burn off the bacteria.

Will it harm my roof shingles?

These stains are not just ugly, they can potentially damage your roof. Moisture can penetrate a very old or damaged roof perhaps affecting the roof deck or getting into your home. Besides, who wants to look at a streaky, black roof when you’ve spent good money on your landscaping, or are trying to sell your home for top dollar? If your shingles are worn out it’s time to look at quality roofing products that can help you when doing a home roof replacement.

How to prevent dark roof stains

The bottom line is if your roof is due to be replaced you can choose roof shingles that resist algae growth. Unfortunately, the dark discoloration on your roof won’t wash off easily. Many products or processes on the market for severe staining may decrease the life of your shingles or void any warranty you have. Proceed carefully: it’s always a good idea to call an experienced, professional roofing company to assess your situation first. It’s definitely not a handyman project – it can expose you to unhealthy bleach or strip the granules from your asphalt roofing tiles.

Streak Fighting Asphalt Shingles

However, you can choose shingles that have protection against this ugly staining for your new roof. StreakFighter® shingles from CertainTeed protect against algae roof stains before they have a chance to ruin your roof’s appearance. Choosing your local roofing contractor, Astro Roofing, to install this new roof system comes with the guarantee it will be installed correctly. The key is the copper content in the shingles which is toxic to the algae growth. Your new roof will maintain its beauty without unsightly streaks, while providing you with years of protection. These shingles with StreakFighter® protection carry a limited warranty against contamination from blue-green algae during the first 10 or 15 years (depending on the product).

If you are thinking of a new roof replacement, don’t settle for cheap shingles by manufacturing companies that use fillers like limestone to keep costs low. Call Astro Roofing, Inc. to get a free estimate. Find out how you can finance your new roof with us: contact us today.