Curling Shingles: Do They Need to Be Replaced?

  • Will curling shingles leak?
  • How do you fix curled shingles?
  • Why are my architectural shingles curling?
  • Should I be worried about my roof?

These are important questions you as a homeowner may be facing. That’s why it is important to choose the right roofing system and roofing contractor when its time for a new roof! Let’s address these questions about a new roof or why your current shingles might be curling up on your east Florida roof.

Shingle curling is one of the most common signs of shingle wear and tear. When your roof shingles start to curl, it can mean that you need roof replacement soon. Curled shingles also become rigid and will eventually break. Shingle curling may occur on both organic and fiberglass asphalt shingles.

What Causes Shingle Curling?

  • Insufficient Attic Ventilation: It may be that your attic doesn’t have enough ventilation. When heat and moisture get trapped in your attic, the shingles are basically baked from the inside out.
  • Poor Quality Roof Shingles – Manufacturing issues may also lead to shingle curling. Choose your roofing contractor carefully! Ensure he gets products from reputable manufacturers like Landmark® shingles…Astro Roofing does!
  • Heat Source – If shingles are curling up on the edges just in one area, there could be a heat source below this spot in your home. Do you have any recessed lighting that might be overheating? It’s time to go inside and make sure there is no excess heat or fire hazard in that room.
  • Poor Installation – When singles are not properly nailed and laid out, they will eventually wear out and curl. Choose Astro Roofing: a SELECT ShingleMaster™, and a credentialed roofing contractor with CertainTeed for residential roofing.
  • Old Shingles Underneath – If you install shingles over your old roof, the shingles at the top may not seal correctly, leading to problems like curling down the road.

Astro Roofing is here to answer questions regarding roof replacement. If you have curling shingles in Port Orange, Daytona and surrounding areas, we can come out and let you know what your next steps are. Our roofing company can provide an affordable roof estimate for you. Contact us today!