Choosing A Commercial Daytona Beach Roofing Contractor

Selecting the right company for a commercial roofing job is like any part of your business operations. You need to find the right person for the job and conduct your search like you would for a great employee. Here are some tips to follow when selecting your Daytona Beach commercial roofer:

1. A commercial roofer should have the proper licenses, certificates and affiliations.
They must provide proof that they are licensed in the state of Florida and that all paperwork is up to date. This includes having insurance, worker’s compensation and liability coverage. Also, since it’s a commercial building, you are subject to regular inspections so ensure your roof is sound and will pass these inspections by choosing the right roofing company such as Astro Roofing, Inc. Remember to get copies of all paperwork to protect yourself and your company.

2. Ask for referrals from past clients.
Ask friends, read reviews, ask business associates and other businesses in the Daytona Beach area to find out more about the roofer you are considering for your commercial roofing project. Questions to consider:

  • has the roofing contractor worked on buildings similar to yours?
  • is the staff friendly and responsive?
  • how well do they communicate?
  • was follow up work needed before the job was done satisfactorily?
  • are there photos of previous roofing projects?
  • how long have they been in business in the Volusia County area?
  • is the roofing company large enough to handle your job?

3. Make sure they have expertise in all commercial roofing matters.
Do you have an older roof, flat roof or a metal roof? You don’t want a commercial roofer who has no experience handling all the issues associated with these types of roofing materials. Don’t end up subcontracting the job to different companies, leaving you at risk for problems in the future. Ask your potential roofing contractor about bitumen rolls or roof coatings so that you can assess their knowledge during the conversation. They should have a variety of roofing systems to offer you when doing a roof replacement that fit your budget and needs.

4. Remember that the lowest bidder is not always the greatest value.
In your desire to save money, it’s tempting to select the company with the lowest estimate. However, some of these companies use subpar materials and cut corners in order to outbid competitors, even asking you to get your own permit. This will end up costing you more money with a bad roof failure. Choose a reputable roofer!

5. How is the roofing contractor’s safety record.
Safety is important for your employees and customers. The same should be true for any contractor, especially when choosing a commercial roofer. If your roofer makes safety and cleanliness at the job site a top priority, you can likely trust the quality of their work, good work habits, and their ability to get the job done on time, especially in the busy Daytona Beach area.

Are you ready to choose Astro Roofing, Inc. to be your commercial roofer? Call our certified roofers today to look at your commercial roofing project and provide you with a quote. Need commercial roof repair services after a storm? We are here for you and affordable so contact us now.