Beware the Door Knock Roofer!

Every homeowner is familiar with the unexpected knock or doorbell ring that comes with a door to door salesperson. Many people will ignore the stranger at their door or monitor them using a camera. If a Florida storm, especially with high winds or hail, has just gone through your neighborhood, there is a great probability your door knocker is a roofer…but is he REALLY?

Offering a free inspection and estimate can seem like a great gift if you’ve just experienced a bad Florida storm and you think your roof may be damaged. However, is this stranger legitimate? Do you really want him in your yard or on your rooftop? Here are a few tips to help you when this happens…and it probably will!

Storm Chasers

This a term that refers to out-of-town contractors that follow Florida storms as a strategy of selling more work. Think of them as the “ambulance chasers” of roofing. They may be good companies, but the odds are high that they are not licensed locally to perform work in your area as Volusia County roofing contractors. For instance, they might say they are a Daytona Beach roofer, but in reality they just want to quickly install your roof and get out.

Local Licensing

Many of these companies may not carry the local licensing required for roofing jobs in your city. This means that they are unfamiliar with local regulations, city permitting and HOA guidelines. Since they are not roofers near you, they will likely not be back when your new roof has problems. And it may have problems if its not properly installed. If the quote seems to good to be true – it probably is!

Promise to Waive Your Deductible

Wow: who doesn’t want a free roof without paying your insurance deductible? However, is this legal? This “so-called roofer” may entice you in various ways:

  • “We will reimburse your deductible”
  • “Deductible assistance available”
  • “You need more work than we thought, but we will waive your insurance deductible”

Don’t fall for these unlawful strategies; no reputable roofing company will offer this. You will end up with a faulty roof that will soon need repair and problems with your insurance company.

Lifted shingles on bad roofing job

But I Need a Roof Inspection

If a storm and hail has hit your Central Florida neighborhood, almost every quality roofing company offers a free inspection. Astro Roofing Inc., your local roofer, will walk you through any damage, repairs needed or possible insurance claims. With 35 years of working in your area and our Port Orange Roofing company home office located here, we can give you a professional estimate and a quality installation of your new roof. Licensed, insured and a certified shingle roofing contractor, Astro Roofing always supervises every roofing job. We are there to answer all your questionsCall us today at (386) 760-8933.