Avoid These Homeowner Roofing Mistakes

As a homeowner, it is important to identify and avoid roofing maintenance mistakes before they can lead to roof damage or leaks. Learn how to protect one of the biggest investments in your home…the one you and your family sleeps under every night!

Delaying a Roof Inspection
Don’t ignore the need to have your roof inspected. In addition to giving it a visual look from time to time yourself, schedule a professional inspection with a licensed roofing contractor in Volusia County at least once a year, especially following any severe storms. Even if you have a newer roof, you will need to to do the required maintenance in order to keep your warranty coverage intact. Remember to keep documentation and receipts from any work or inspections you have done in order to support any roof repair claims.

Power Washing your Roof
Using a pressure washer to clean your roof is a bad idea. High pressured washing systems can tear off shingles or trap water under the shingles which leads to rot. This method is stressful on your roof. These devices can create leaks and shorten the life of your roof. Thin layers of material may blow off, leaving the surface more porous which attracts dirt. Even worse, these pressure services don’t kill mildew spores that hide within porous surfaces. A rotting roof is not a healthy roof! Hire a professional soft washing company to clean your shingled roof that is licensed and insured. If they use an environmentally friendly cleaner that’s a bonus!

Obtaining your own Roofing Permit
No matter who you hire to install your new roof — never obtain your own permit! Any roofing company that wants you to obtain your own roofing permit is probably not licensed, and therefore, not allowed to obtain a permit! All permit costs, fees, and paperwork are the same for homeowners and roofing contractors so there is absolutely no benefit for you to try to get one.

Installing New Shingles Over Old Shingles
Choosing to install new shingles over old shingles to save money isn’t recommended for your roof. This may cause more weight than your roof’s framing can safely support. Do you want to take the chance of covering rotting wood or mold? Beware of this practice since you could end up paying a lot more to correct the issue rather than simply having a correct roof replacement done in the first place.

If you have any questions regarding roof maintenance, call Astro Roofing, one of the top roofers in Volusia County, FL. As a certified SELECT ShingleMaster, we know what to recommend for cleaning and maintaining your home’s roof. Our roofing company can provide an affordable roof estimate for your consideration. Contact us today!