7 Warning Signs You Need A New Roof Replacement

Have you noticed anything about your Florida roof lately? Do you get the “feeling” that it might be time to get a new roof, but you’ve been putting it off or hoping to get more time out of it? After all, it has given you shelter for many years and probably endured through many Florida storms, maybe even a hurricane. Unfortunately, you can’t hide from a roof that needs replacing and it could become more expensive to replace the roof the longer you wait. Water damage from a compromised roof will make things more complicated to repair or replace. Sometimes acting quickly before extensive damage occurs can save you money in the long run.

Astro Roofing Inc. has replaced many roofs and has experience with hurricane damage. After all we have been around Florida weather since 1986 and experienced some pretty bad storms. That’s why we’d like to share with you some common signs it might be time for a new roof for your home.

1. Your roof is 25 or more years old.

Your roof shingles will typically last between 20 and 30 years before time and the Florida weather erodes some of its important components away. You might think your roof looks fine from the ground and isn’t leaking, but that may not be enough to make a good decision about roof replacement. Have your neighbors been replacing their roofs? Have you gotten a notice from your insurance company? Then it is time your home gets a roof replacement.

2. Some shingles are missing.

When you live in Florida, you live with heavy rain, wind and even hail. When a storm blows through, take a look afterward to see if any shingles are in your yard (or next door). If this happens and it is just a few shingles, you might be able to repair the roof with patching new shingles. Be aware that colors will not match due to weathering of your old roof. However, depending on the roof damage, the entire roof of your home may need replacing. Talk to a professional roofer and have him come out to your home to find out what is the best option for your home.

3. Curling shingles or corners lifting.

Weathered shingles will curl and lift up, either on the outer corners or the middle. If you see the corners of your shingles turning up, or the middle starting to rise as the edges lay flat, you need to replace your roof sooner than later. This can be from the Florida heat. These are signs of weathering and potentially even undetected leaks. Don’t leave this too long, especially in the Florida weather.

4. Your shingles are cracked or have bald spots.

Wind damage may lead to cracked shingles. In Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast, Titusville and other areas along the Florida coastline, we can get high winds coming from the Atlantic on a regular basis, not to mention storms rolling in from Orlando. If only a small portion of your shingled roof are showing signs of cracking, you can replace them in those areas. Granules of roofing material (tar) may be missing from your shingles leading to bald spots. The heat and UV rays in Florida can prematurely age your roof. If the problem is spreading across a wide area of shingles, you are probably due for a new roof.

5. Issues with your Flashing.

Roof Flashing directs water away from areas that could leak and sends it to gutters or off your roof. Deteriorating roof flashing can lead to leaks and roof damage. Did you know that one of the most common roof risks is a leak around faulty flashing. When flashing cracks or is bent, water is able to run inside to the roof seams. It become a large problem during heavy rains and should be fixed right away before a roof leak in your home becomes a more serious problem. If it has been going on for some time, then a complete roof replacement is in your future!

6. There is bio growth or algae grow on your roof.

Excess moisture trapped in your roof can happen, especially during the Florida rainy season. The tropical nature of Florida weather can cause your roof to house this greenery along the sides of the shingles. If you see green stuff starting to grow up there, schedule a roofing inspection with Astro, even before undertaking a roof cleaning. Cleaning can also cause problems if done too often or the wrong way.

7. You find roofing granules in your gutters.

With a recent roof repair job or roof replacement, it is normal to see a few loose granules in your gutters, otherwise loose granules are a bad sign. If the asphalt on top of your shingles is starting to wear, long-term exposure to the sun and UV light can damage the materials underneath. Act fast if you see this happening to avoid a larger roof repair bill.

So now you know what to look for and can tell if you have any of these warning signs you need a new roof. If you have noticed anything from this list happening on your roof, give the team of roofers at Astro Roofing a call to schedule a free quote today! We specialize in metal roofing, flat roofing, shingles and commercial roofing.