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Durable Metal Panels

If you are considering a metal roofing system, use the best metal roofing contractor near you: Astro Roofing! Depending on the metal you choose, your roof might last up to 50 years or more. Metal roofs are perfect for Florida weather including withstanding significant wind gusts, plus they will not rot, split, warp, leak or crack like traditional roofing materials. They are energy efficient and can save the homeowner money because they reflect radiant heat and cool the house. Metal roofing is also often made of recycled material making it good for the environment. Not to mention they come with a warranty and look great!

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Metal roofing materials are built from many different types and grades of metals. If you live near the ocean, on the east coast of Florida, it is important to choose a material for your roof that will block the corrosive effects of salt and stay looking good during the entire life of the roof. For Daytona Beach and surrounding areas, high quality metal roofing is a great choice! The paint system on our metal seam panels has been thoroughly tested and offers:

  • superior paint stability
  • chalk resistance
  • fade resistance
  • gloss retention.

Astro Roofing offers standard and custom colors, and can help you make the right choice for your home to resist any salt spray, rain and strong winds. Colors vary by TSR% (Total Solar Reflectance), which is the amount of heat reflected by the coated steel. Astro metal roofing contractors install your new metal roofing which will be fully warrantied by the manufacturer. Financing options available.

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